Medical Weight Loss Special

$175.00 $125.00

Get Your Initial Consultation and YOUR FIRST SESSION of LED Red Light Body Contouring, Sculpting & Medical Weight Loss for one low-price of $175 (save $50 if you pay online) = $125. Plus a Bonus Free Gift when you arrive for your appointment – Choice of a Facial Radiance Treatment or a Metabolic Take-Home Test. After you pre-pay for your special, a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule your in-office time slot.



Safe & Proven State of the Art Technology!


Non-Invasive Fat Reduction using the power of the LED Light!

880 nm + 635 nm pads Lose inches & Tighten Skin

*Same Day Results *No Pain *No Surgery *No Down Time

What Makes Our Machine Different From All Of The Other Machines On The Market?

We have a patented aspect to the pads with a reflective coating.  With this reflective coating, the light is now redirected back to the tissues.  No other device on the market has this capability.  The amount of light energy emitted is now going to be multiplied by our reflective coating, giving you a much better result. We've recently added 635nm & 880nm bulbs as well.  No other machines on the market today carry both 635 & 880 nm on the same pad.

In our office, we use this advanced technology for fat loss and skin tightening on the body. We also use a Face mask for skin tightening that increases collagen and elastin resulting in youthful-looking skin on the face. Our newest updated technology allows us to treat chronic pain with lights 2x's stronger than ever before.




I Lost 3.5 Inches With My First Session

I was quite impressed to lose 3.5 inches after only 24 minutes of Contouring. I also noticed my knee pain was reduced and my skin looked healthier! Can’t wait for my next session!

Lorraine K.

It works!

I really didn't believe the pitch but I was wondrously surprised at my immediate results. I'll be going back, again and again, to smooth out my skin and to lose the fat. Also, it's warm and relaxing and Dr. Jennifer is tops.

Frances Barnhart

Skeptical but proven wrong!

I had this procedure done three days ago and didn’t have super high hopes because I tend to be very resistant to losing weight due to hypothyroid disease! I was very good about following their instructions and over the next 78 hours I feel like a new person! My clothes fit better I feel less bloated I know I’ve gotten rid of a lot of toxins as well as fat. It’s shocking! I’m so pleased with my results and my self-esteem has risen as well! Try it!

Cathy S.

Contour Light 6 session package

I’m pleased with the introductory session and have just completed session #2, after purchasing the package. Requirements are a reasonable diet, along with cleanse drops. Nothing extreme, which I like. The half hour or so that I spend on the table is very restful. I am hoping to speed up my goal of 5 to 10 lbs. weight loss in targeted areas