COVID-19 Safety

The safety and health of our patients and staff are of utmost importance to us. As an essential health care facility, we are following CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 and are taking the following steps to optimize the safety and health of our staff and patients.

* We are wearing masks

* We are screening every person before entry into the office requiring a signed COVID-19 questionnaire to rule out known risks

* We are frequently cleaning commonly touched surfaces such as restroom door handles, entry door handles, furniture and therapy areas.
* We are increasing our "deep cleaning" to every week instead of 2x/month.
* We are expanding our treatment time options to allow spacing appointments out to minimize crowding patient areas in the office. Please help us by keeping to your appointment time and asking family members without an appointment to wait outside the office suite when possible.
* If you are an immune-compromised patient, please alert the staff before your appointment so that we can best accommodate you.
* You may request that our staff wear and change gloves for you and will wear gloves for any patients upon request
* We wash hands between patients and/or use hand sanitizers made from essential oils and/or alcohol.

*We have antimicrobial diffusers aerating continuously

*All equipment and surface areas are wiped down with sanitizer between each patient.
* We are offering appointments that do not require face to face time via an on-line or phone format; i.e.: nutritional consults, new patient history/consults.
* We are offering privacy-compliant messaging through the BodySite App - if you do not have access, please contact us directly.
* We will have any staff or doctors in the office stay home if ill
* We will have hand sanitizer available for patients to use at the front desk after their visit.
* We will be extra mindful of cleaning any rehab equipment/modalities. 

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